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iMac vs Mac Mini

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As you know from the last post, my MacBook Pro is getting a little long in the tooth.  Needless to say, I am in the market for a new Mac.  I have been looking at the Mac Mini and the iMacs.  I have enough keyboards, monitors, and mice laying around to make the Mac Mini a sensible purchase.  Except for the fact that it hasn’t been upgraded for a couple of years and I don’t want to buy an obsolete computer.

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My current uses includes a bit of gaming here and there, and some iMovie and Final Cut X video editing, along with the usual web surfing and YouTube video editing. Oh yeah, and the Podcast production thing too (yeah, I know it’s a mostly podfaded show but it’s on the mend).

I just priced out a 27″ i7 iMac and the total price came out to $2749!! All I can say is WTF and put one of these (@_@) shocking emoticons.  Almost a $3000 iMac, really.  I love Apple products and all but I am not sure I want to drop that much cash.  Now, let me back up a while and say that this is the system that I “want” to buy.  I could probably get away with the $1799 or the $1999 iMac but that would not include the RAM upgrades i would have to do to make it up-to-snuff.  Also that wouldn’t include the Fusion of an SSD drive, which adds another $200 to the price.  If the hard drive upgrade didn’t mean taking the whole thing apart I would upgrade it after the fact, but I know once you take something apart it’s never the same.

As you can see I have a dilemma on my hands here.  I guess I need to look at it from the stand point where my current daily driver is a 2010 MBP with an SSD and an i5, and the new system I will buy is a be a late 2013 unit with much more modern technology.

Stay tuned for the decision.