Cheap Way to Podcast with a Mac

Mac Podcast
Podcasting with a Mac:
Because there are about a million setups for a podcast, I am going to show you the easiest and cheapest way to get good quality sound for a very reasonable cost.  Of course, the sky is the limit but for a beginning podcaster it’s better to actually get 12-20 shows under your belt before going to crazy with the equipment. Luckily, podcasting on the Mac is very easy to do.

The Mic: 
For the beginning Mac podcaster there is only one mic to chose, and that is the Audio-Technica. There are two models that are basically the exact microphone but they just look a bit different.  I will let you decide which one looks more your style. Of course, I am going to give you my opinion and tell you the one I bought, lol.  Before I tell you which I want to let you know that these mics will let you grow if you decide to go crazy and all kinds of mixers and other hardware to the equation.  They allow you to use USB and XLR (the fancy microphone connectors in most mixers).  So, for about $40-50 bucks you can start podcast over USB, and if you upgrade your studio later you can use the XLR connector.

Audio-Technica AT2005 USB/XLR
Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB/XLR

The Software:
Audacity Image

The software for podcasting on the Mac is very easy. You can use one of two free solutions. First of all is GarageBand, which comes with every new Mac. The second free option for podcasting on the Mac is Audacity, which is open source and is available for just about every operating system. You can even run this on G3, G4, and G5 Macs, if you still have one of those laying around.

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