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Open for Business Soon

R32Media took a hiatus for a bit so we could relocate back the good old US of A.  We are ramping things back up in the near future.  The shows that we plan to bring back from Podfade-ville are “That Mac Show”, and “The Japan Podcast” (formerly TEIJG).

There is also another show or two in the works with a couple good friends of mine.  I see a internet memes type show with funny, interesting, and probably a bit of strange stuff too.  I also am thinking that there might be some gaming streams every once in a while. Think Minecraft, Terraria, and other games.

While we are blogging we might as well tell you about some equipment that we picked up recently:

New Mixer:  YAMAHA  MG82cx


Also picked up a new to me (used) DBX266XS Compressor/Noise Gate to get rid of that pesky background noise.  Hmmm… What else did we pickup? Oh yeah, a new Microsoft HD webcam to replace the buggy C910.

I guess that’s it for now.