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The Austin Update Podcast.

Austin Update 004 – Where’s My Mail!?

Austin Update Podcast  — Episode 004 — “Where’s My Mail!?”

Another episode of the Austin, Texas Update is in the can.  Have a listen


Show Notes:

*DMV was crazy fast with SMS systems that texted you when your turn came up and announced it too!!  Every other requires a non-online visit the lady said.
*I am going looking for some great driving roads in Austin.  A couple folks I met at Cars and Coffee last Sunday mentioned a great drivers/riders road called Lime Creek Road. I have checked it out of Google maps and street view but will probably have to wait until I get back from my business trip.
*Cars and Coffee at the Oasis
*DIY – I now have curtains in the Home Office/Mancave. Got the super sun blocking thermal curtains that are supposed to keep the a/c in during the summer and the heat in during the winter.  Also they should help with the echo in the room.  Though it’s still a very empty room.  Next I need a little sufo or something)
*Checked out the airport
*Austin Speed Shop
*Where is my mail!?!?!?  Almost didn’t pay my utilities on time which would have meant losing my $200 deposit.
*Battling the crab grass has gone into full gear!! We are pulling out those crazy buggah’s and there are A LOT. I probably could get the builder to replace the area, but I think the wifey just decided to work on it. Our Neighbor recommend this awesome tool: Hound Dog Weed Hound Weed Puller [Amazon]
*We got the pool and gym key after a month and a half of waiting (blaming the US Postal Service for that one!!)
*Swimming test and two lifeguards
Thanks for listening!!


Austin Update – Episode 003 “July 4th Weekend”

Welcome to the Austin, Texas Update Podcast.  A show about being a newbie in Austin.  We talk about our experiences in this awesome city.  Usually food, fun, music, parks, and other interesting places.


Show Notes:

-In-N-Out Burger
-Battling with the Crab Grass – Spray kinda worked but probably going to take some weeding :-(
-Took a drive near the dam at Lake Travis
-Free swimming area hunting – Might have found something good “Low water bridge” or something like that
-Found a BIG mobile home park type place but struck out on a new beach.
-Just 25 cents no wait just 50 cents
-Lost my freaking drivers license!!???
-Filled out a request to fix some things with the house. (front door, tiles, unfinished wall behind cabinets, and bathroom door not right).
-Still no pool key. Getting irritated!!
-Jr. started YMCA camp. He is warming up to it but still says I don’t want to do to “summer school”. Even though he has fun??
-Going to DMV now that I found my license.
-We just hit 100 degrees!!
-Friday Shopping: picked up a Brother Printer/Scanner/Fax
-Saturday swimming at Windy Point (Lake Travis)
-Sunday Homemade Tempura and HEB Spicy crab rolls sushi.
-We got new neighbors across the street

Thanks for listening!!


Austin Update 002 – Baby Sharks & Crabgrass

Austin Update – Episode 2

Welcome to the Austin Update Podcast – New to Austin? Moving to Austin? Come along with us on our journey to get to know the awesome city of Austin, Texas.

  1. Why the parks cost so much? Why can’t I get a pass that covers all parks?? $10 weekends here $10 there. $75 a year here $100 a year there. Must go find some free places to swim and fish.
  2. Went fishing at Walter E. Long  lake for an hour or so. Didn’t catch any but jr did learn how to cast. Not a swimming lake for sure (imao).
  3. No plastic bags
  4. Battle with the SOD & Crabgrass
  5. We have an iTunes Link so Subscribe!!
  6. One Month to do an address change on the ole drivers license
  7. The Fish Gallery — After listening to an episode of Back to Work, I heard of a place call the Fish Gallery. Had to get out of the house and my son and I went to check it out. It’s a great place to go check out lots of different kinds of fish. They even had a shark egg (2-3 more months till it hatches).
  8. Discovered that the recyclables (The blue trash can) are collected every other week. lol
  9. Panda Express….and OHHHH there is an Indian restaurant a couple stores down. BAM Curry and Naan!!
  10. Electric Lawn Mower (corded) $179 + a extension chord. [Amazon Link]
  11. We are Cordkillers and we have an OTA antenna. We get X amount of channels, plus Netflix, YouTube, and DailyMotion we get the majority of our video fix on. We have U-Verse but are waiting for Google Fiber to get here!!


Austin Update Podcast – The Move to Austin & Introduction

Austin Update Podcast – Episode 001 – “The Move to Austin & Introduction”

Welcome to the first episode of the Austin Update Podcast, hosted by Eric “ET” Timmer. This show is a newbies look at Austin, Texas.

Show Notes:

  • Host Introduction — A little background of who “ET” is to give you some context to the stories, comments, and opinions that are shared on the show.
  • The Move to Austin
  • The Home Search
  • Buying the House
  • Don’t take 35!!
  • Travis Lake — Windy Point and the Oasis Restaurant/Bar
  • MT Supermarket

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