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OS X Update – Version 10.9.2

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Apple just pushed the security update that has been all over the internets today.  One interesting thing I noticed was the login to iCloud required your: iTunes email and password, a phone number, and for you to create a PIN number.  Honestly, I didn’t really read much about the updates but I figured it was important enough to call your attention to it.  It’s a critical one, so you need to update your systems and don’t forget about your iOS devices too!

That Mac Show 0100 – Bring Back Scott?

That Mac Show – Episode 0100  “Bring Back Scott?”

**Disclaimer: Not the best audio quality but had to get a show out :-) 

In this episode of That Mac Show we get you up to date with recent Apple news and other happenings in the world of technology related to the Apple Universe.  We also discuss the theory that Apple is out of balance right now and they need to shift more toward the engineer side.  Next I discuss my ongoing battle with which Mac to buy next, and there might even be a Hackintosh thrown into the equation.

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Show Notes:

State of the Mac (in my house)
Too many creatives

Apple – Engineers vs Creatives – The Perfect Balance

Not sure how to really put this into a concise theory, argument, or postulate (whatever the heck that meant from math class back in high school days), but I am going to try.

I think the strength of Apple during the “2nd Coming of Steve Jobs”, was the fact that he was able to truly have the intersection of Engineers and Creatives. Hell, if you think about it Steve and Woz are this exactly.  We have all heard the rumors of how certain individuals would battle and not like to be in the room with each other.  Two that come to mind are Scott Forstall and Jonathan Ivy.  From the stories that have come out of Apple they really didn’t like each other.   It is my opinion that while Steve Jobs was running the show, he was able to use this tension to produce some of the best products with some of the best software in Apple’s history, and probably the technology worlds as well over the last decade or so.

Like many things in life it’s the balance that usual brings the best things in life. You cant have developers designing your UI (User Interface) and you cant have designers doing the coding either.  Of course there are rare individuals that can do both, and in the real world we are often asked to wear many hats due to budgets and time constraints.

When things start to suffer, like the recent security flaws in iOS and iMessage, it makes me wonder if Apple is leaning too much toward the creative side, with not enough on the engineering side to balance out this tricky equation.   Of course we have all seen when the creative balance is low as well so we don’t want to go in that direction either.  So, could good ole Uncle Steve have been the perfect person to stand in the middle and keep the two teams from killing each other?  I am tending to think so.

Both Scott and Johnny are probably both cocky bastards in their own right, and I know they probably bumped heads on every occasion.  All I know is there has been some crappy code coming out of Apple recently and I am thinking that Steve would be pissed about this! Of course Scott probably wouldn’t come back to Apple even if they begged, so Apple’s leadership needs to really take a look at things and get their ship steered in the right direction.

What do you think?  Am I barking up the wrong tree with this little theory of mine?

iMac vs Mac Mini

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As you know from the last post, my MacBook Pro is getting a little long in the tooth.  Needless to say, I am in the market for a new Mac.  I have been looking at the Mac Mini and the iMacs.  I have enough keyboards, monitors, and mice laying around to make the Mac Mini a sensible purchase.  Except for the fact that it hasn’t been upgraded for a couple of years and I don’t want to buy an obsolete computer.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.42.04 AM

My current uses includes a bit of gaming here and there, and some iMovie and Final Cut X video editing, along with the usual web surfing and YouTube video editing. Oh yeah, and the Podcast production thing too (yeah, I know it’s a mostly podfaded show but it’s on the mend).

I just priced out a 27″ i7 iMac and the total price came out to $2749!! All I can say is WTF and put one of these (@_@) shocking emoticons.  Almost a $3000 iMac, really.  I love Apple products and all but I am not sure I want to drop that much cash.  Now, let me back up a while and say that this is the system that I “want” to buy.  I could probably get away with the $1799 or the $1999 iMac but that would not include the RAM upgrades i would have to do to make it up-to-snuff.  Also that wouldn’t include the Fusion of an SSD drive, which adds another $200 to the price.  If the hard drive upgrade didn’t mean taking the whole thing apart I would upgrade it after the fact, but I know once you take something apart it’s never the same.

As you can see I have a dilemma on my hands here.  I guess I need to look at it from the stand point where my current daily driver is a 2010 MBP with an SSD and an i5, and the new system I will buy is a be a late 2013 unit with much more modern technology.

Stay tuned for the decision.


MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost


For the last six months to a year my Mid 2010 MacBook Pro has had the “Replace Soon” message in the battery status.  It was still in good enough condition for me to get an hour or two out of it with normal web browsing.  With the age of this MBP, I didn’t want to drop any more money into it. I had recently added memory and an SSD hard drive, which was the best thing anyone can do to an “older” computer.

The biggest issue I have been facing is the constant noise from the CPU fan, especially when watching videos, playing minecraft, or participating in Google Hangouts.  After doing so reading on the interwebs I decided that maybe it was a good idea to do this last upgrade.  So, yesterday I just went for it! I called the Apple store to see if they had any in stock, and how long it would take.  Surprisingly, they said they could do a “same day” repair, and it would only cost about $129.  Next, thing I did was to make an appointment and get in my car.


It took about 2 hours to get the repair done, which wasn’t too bad. It gave me time to check out the new Mac Pro (I CAN HAZ!!) and see some of the other systems up close and personal.  I am in the market for a new Mac so I had to to thoroughly sample all the goods, so-to-speak ;-)

The result of the Mac Book Pro battery replacement is…..drumroll please……. AWESOME! My MBP runs much cooler, and of course the battery lasts nice and long like before.  The CPU fan doesn’t come on nearly as much as it did yesterday before the upgrade.  So, if you have an older MacBook or MacBook Pro I would say:

  • Get the extra RAM
  • Get the SSD
  • Replace the Battery

This will add a couple more years to this system, and will be perfect as a hand-me-down system for my son.

Open for Business Soon

R32Media took a hiatus for a bit so we could relocate back the good old US of A.  We are ramping things back up in the near future.  The shows that we plan to bring back from Podfade-ville are “That Mac Show”, and “The Japan Podcast” (formerly TEIJG).

There is also another show or two in the works with a couple good friends of mine.  I see a internet memes type show with funny, interesting, and probably a bit of strange stuff too.  I also am thinking that there might be some gaming streams every once in a while. Think Minecraft, Terraria, and other games.

While we are blogging we might as well tell you about some equipment that we picked up recently:

New Mixer:  YAMAHA  MG82cx


Also picked up a new to me (used) DBX266XS Compressor/Noise Gate to get rid of that pesky background noise.  Hmmm… What else did we pickup? Oh yeah, a new Microsoft HD webcam to replace the buggy C910.

I guess that’s it for now.