Austin Update – Episode 003 “July 4th Weekend”

Welcome to the Austin, Texas Update Podcast.  A show about being a newbie in Austin.  We talk about our experiences in this awesome city.  Usually food, fun, music, parks, and other interesting places.


Show Notes:

-In-N-Out Burger
-Battling with the Crab Grass – Spray kinda worked but probably going to take some weeding :-(
-Took a drive near the dam at Lake Travis
-Free swimming area hunting – Might have found something good “Low water bridge” or something like that
-Found a BIG mobile home park type place but struck out on a new beach.
-Just 25 cents no wait just 50 cents
-Lost my freaking drivers license!!???
-Filled out a request to fix some things with the house. (front door, tiles, unfinished wall behind cabinets, and bathroom door not right).
-Still no pool key. Getting irritated!!
-Jr. started YMCA camp. He is warming up to it but still says I don’t want to do to “summer school”. Even though he has fun??
-Going to DMV now that I found my license.
-We just hit 100 degrees!!
-Friday Shopping: picked up a Brother Printer/Scanner/Fax
-Saturday swimming at Windy Point (Lake Travis)
-Sunday Homemade Tempura and HEB Spicy crab rolls sushi.
-We got new neighbors across the street

Thanks for listening!!