Austin Update 004 – Where’s My Mail!?

Austin Update Podcast  — Episode 004 — “Where’s My Mail!?”

Another episode of the Austin, Texas Update is in the can.  Have a listen


Show Notes:

*DMV was crazy fast with SMS systems that texted you when your turn came up and announced it too!!  Every other requires a non-online visit the lady said.
*I am going looking for some great driving roads in Austin.  A couple folks I met at Cars and Coffee last Sunday mentioned a great drivers/riders road called Lime Creek Road. I have checked it out of Google maps and street view but will probably have to wait until I get back from my business trip.
*Cars and Coffee at the Oasis
*DIY – I now have curtains in the Home Office/Mancave. Got the super sun blocking thermal curtains that are supposed to keep the a/c in during the summer and the heat in during the winter.  Also they should help with the echo in the room.  Though it’s still a very empty room.  Next I need a little sufo or something)
*Checked out the airport
*Austin Speed Shop
*Where is my mail!?!?!?  Almost didn’t pay my utilities on time which would have meant losing my $200 deposit.
*Battling the crab grass has gone into full gear!! We are pulling out those crazy buggah’s and there are A LOT. I probably could get the builder to replace the area, but I think the wifey just decided to work on it. Our Neighbor recommend this awesome tool: Hound Dog Weed Hound Weed Puller [Amazon]
*We got the pool and gym key after a month and a half of waiting (blaming the US Postal Service for that one!!)
*Swimming test and two lifeguards
Thanks for listening!!